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Rewired Latex Strapless Dress

Rewired Latex Strapless Dress

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Rewired is the edgiest and harshest looking collection to date using zips for decorative purposes and not just functionality, still with its classic Amentium stamp of laser cutting but much more simple and focusing on shape and style lines. It is the first menswear range for the company suitable for couples to match but look different or stand out alone as every outfit comes in 3 colourways; metallic pewter, nightshade blue and black.

The Rewired Strapless Dress is an elegant strapless mini-dress with a suggestive transparent laser-cut diamond panel at the front, exposing the collar-bones to add a sensual element. The exaggerated waist-to-hip contrasting contour lines enhance the female form. Easy to dress, despite the image having a zip the latest upgrade of this pattern does not for a better fit.

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