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iLLUSION Latex Cupless Bra

iLLUSION Latex Cupless Bra

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iLLUSION will make you fantasise, it’s simplistically alluring with its combination of black and nude to give the Illusion of nudity for the cheeky minxes. The laser cutting is a less intricate print with only one shape present but rotated in various directions so complete a triangular cluster. Additional pointed edges on the decorative laser cut trim, sharp to miss.

The iLLUSION Cupless Bra is bold and for the more daring wearer! The strip across the nipples in transparent latex layered with laser cutting as the only coverage, as the bottom the breast is bare. This bra is wired but due to the nature of the cut out at the base it will not additional support which is something to be mindful of.

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